Cuccio E-file

Cuccio E-file

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This E-file has maximum strength torque with speeds of 30,000 rpms, all while being free from vibrations with both forward and reverse directions. Our e-file has a battery life indicator, and can be either battery or cord operated – it also includes a wireless charging pad! Compatible with 3/32″ bit shanks.

This beautiful e-file ticks all the boxes, and has been crafted to perfection by leading experts within the e-file industry in the USA:

  • FAST – Speed Times Of 30,000 RPMs
  • POWERFUL – Max Strength Torque
  • QUIET – Free From Vibration
  • DUAL POWER – Battery Or Corded Option
  • FAST CHARGE – Contains A Fast Charge Wireless Pad With Battery Life Indicator
  • DIRECTION – Forward & Backward Rotation
  • 6 BIT ATTACHMENTS – All You Need To Get Started
  • Cone Bit – For Side Walls & Cuticle Prep
  • Large Barrel Bit – For Surface Work & Shortening
  • Small Barrel Bit – For Gentle Surface Work
  • Needle Head Bit – For Nail Edge Work
  • Safety Bit – For Side Edge Work
  • Mandrel Bit – For the Sanding Band, For Shortening & Removal

1 year standard warranty