Photographic Nails

Photographic Nails

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Full certification is given.  Includes full edited image.


Total Course Cost - £150

Deposit - £50

Duration –

Pre mentoring (via phone, in person)

 1 Day nails & photoshoot (please allow all day into evening as creating the perfect nails and image can take some time!

After shoot advice on crop, photoshop etc


Course Content:


  • Pre training briefing
  • Mood boards
  • Preparation
  • How to get ideas
  • Difference between classic and nail art shoots
  • Competition rules & regulations
  • 1-1 support
  • What judges are looking for
  • Create the nails
  • Score sheets
  • Career plans
  • Inspiration
  • Photoshoot
  • Editing
  • After shoot briefing


*Please bring a model with natural nails free from product to create nails on the day